The Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS), an organization recognized by the IOC – International Olympic Committee (IOC), promotes and spreads the development of the Olympic Values and the culture of sports through the actual use of sports images under the motto “Culture through Sport”, in collaboration, and with free membership, for members of Olympic Family, International Federations, National Olympic Committees, Olympic Museums, and Olympic Academies.

FICTS Program Lines 2022 – 2023

  • IOC AND FICTS: PROGRAMS: FICTS, Organization recognized by the IOC – International Olympic Committee, promotes and spreads the development of the Olympic Values and the culture of sports through the actual use of sports images under the motto “Culture through Sport”.
  • FICTS IN THE WORLD: OBJECTIVE 150 COUNTRIES: With 130 affiliated Countries, FICTS develops knowledge of Olympic values as a means of affirming human dignity on the world stage. Personalities of Sport, Tv, Cinema and Journalism join the “HALL OF FAME”: “GUIRLANDE D’HONNEUR – GOLD STAR”.
  • GOALS: OBJECTIVE 12.000 MEMBERS AND MORE PARTNERS: Institutional Patronages and qualified Partners support each year national and international activities of the Federation among 10.341 members, television producers, journalists, sport managers, NOCs and the operators of the sector.
  • WORLD FICTS CHALLENGE: 20 FESTIVALS IN 5 CONTINENTS: The World Championship of Television, Cinema, Culture and Sports Communication: an International Circuit that FICTS uses for the promotion and dissemination of Olympic values and the culture of sport as a means of “global movement at the service of humanity”.
  • WORLD FINAL – SPORT MOVIES & TV: FICTS organizes yearly, “World FICTS Challenge” in Milan (Italy) “SPORT MOVIES & TV “: 120 works, 110 guests, 4 meetings and workshops, 4 exhibitions, 2 press conferences, prizes and collateral events.
  • INCREASING COMMUNICATION THROUGH NEW MEDIA: The FICTS Information Agency (66.000 contacts), the website, and presence on the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.) are a privileged communication channel which FICTS uses to promote sport values.
  • FICTS: 27.234 EMOTIONS ONLINE: FICTS is currently finishing the digitalization of its cultural heritage offering online for free 27.234 audio-video through the global digital platform SPORTMOVIESTV.COM .
  • 1.725 SPORT TELEVISION CHANNELS: As the “International Federation of Sports Televisions”, FICTS will keep operating in tune with the Olympic Channel and with the 1725 Television Sports Channels, giving each year “TV SPORT EMOTIONS AWARDS”.
  • OLYMPISM POWERED BY 30.135 YOUG PEOPLE: FICTS presents in Schools, Universities and Sport Organizations audiovisual and educational contents, programs of physical education and sport culture, involving them actively (30.135 students participated in 2022). Presence to Beijing 2022, Paris 2024, Milano Cortina 2026 Olympic Games.
“Tv Sport Emotions Award 2018” at the Olympic Channel (Spain). From left: Prof. Franco Ascani, FICTS President,  Dr. Francesco Ricci Bitti, V. President, Dr. Federico De Mojana Head of Programming and Dr. Mariano Amiune, Commissioning Editor of Olympic Channel

FICTS Projects in collaboration with IOC

Starting from 2016, the Project represents the chance to spread the educative and formative values of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement  through images. It is a great opportunity, for a better lifestyle, to look at the contribution of sport to global social issues that can affect community, such as education, women’s and girl empowerment, local community development, etc. The teaching of Olympic values is also important for this pillar, which are excellence, friendship and respect.

It includes the video, audio and photo contents of the Olympic Multimedia Library and videos about the Olympic Values of the FICTS Archive involving the world population. The Project is articulated in audiovisual contents, meetings and workshops and exhibitons.