During the online meeting on 20 March, the Institutional Bodies of FICTS – Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs, chaired by Prof. Franco Ascani (Board of Directors, Members of the 4 International Commissions, Auditors and Ambassadors) on behalf of 130 Members Countries, have approved the Guidelines 2024-2027 in agreement with Milano Cortina 2026 for the promotion and the spread of the Olympic Values and sports culture through multilingual, multicultural and socio-educational programs, through the use of the cinematographic and television footages as a training and elevating tool for the all the people.

The first events of the semester with a view to Paris 2024 Olympics are:

  1. May 8-9-10 at the Milan Arena the Final “TROFEI DI MILANO CORTINA 2026” that involve 42,000 students from 70 schools in Lombardy and Veneto.
  2. June 6-7-8 Verona|Treviso|Venice will host the “GenerAZIONE2026 – Sport powered by youth and education” project in 2024, included in the Program “Education Gen26” of the Milano Cortina 2026 Foundation.
  3. June 24-25-26 Paris (one month before the Games) will host exhibitions, screenings, meetings, etc. with Olympic topic in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute.