Click HERE to download the 2024 Official Rules


January 15, 2024 is the deadline for free registrations for the “MILAN CORTINA TROPHIES 2026 – Education, Culture and Sport for Young People”, interscholastic sports championships and training activities for primary and lower secondary schools in the Metropolitan City of Milan , i.e. the “GenerATION 2026”. A year-long project, with free registration, characterized by a great educational commitment and a significant factor of human growth with the support of ICS – Institute for Sports Credit and with the collaboration of the main sporting, scholastic and administrative institutions of the Foundation Milano Cortina 2026 (with inclusion in the “Gen26” Project) and with the support and technical organization of AICS Milano, Sportre Cegis a.s.d and FICTS Italia a.s.d.

The activities are divided into 2 phases: Sports and Training/Educational for the entire duration of the school year (November-May) and are divided into 5 Areas: Your “Games”, your “Images”, your “Values” , your “Lifestyles”, your “Competitions”, aimed at the participation of boys and girls (aged 6 to 13) from male and female primary schools – and public and private lower secondary schools in the Metropolitan City of Milan with the collaboration of families, club councils, school councils, class councils, school directors and teachers.

The 2024 Regulations of the “TROPHIES OF MILAN CORTINA 2006” are available at the link with the rules and methods of participation agreed with the school managers and teachers. Special prizes and sports material for the schools are up for grabs as well as prizes for the participants. All sporting activities are eco-sustainable, open to people with disabilities, aimed at their integration into physical activities without any discrimination and, with the “Olympic Week” (8 – 10 May 2024), they will end at the Arena-Brera in Milan.